Best Baby wraps for Newborns + Summer + Plus Size moms of 2022

Baby slings have been around for generations and are a great way to get your baby closer while keeping your hands free. Slings are a popular choice for new parents around the world.

Baby slings have been used for generations and are used by civilizations around the world as a way to keep babies close while freeing their hands to do other things.

It may seem scary at first, but with enough practice, you can quickly carry your baby like an expert.

Baby Wraps
Baby Wraps

What is the definition of a baby wrap?

A wrap is a long cloth that ties and knots around you to form a pouch on your chest, hips, or back for your baby to sit on.

The fabric is usually draped around the shoulders and torso. It is designed to evenly transfer your baby’s weight to your shoulders and hips.

Unlike other baby carriers, there are no fasteners, rings, or buckles that hurt your or your child’s skin.

Wraps can be used for newborns until the child is about 18 months old (as long as they meet weight requirements), but parents use them most often in the first few months.

Things to consider while purchasing baby wraps:


Keeping a small child close to you for an extended period can cause you to overheat.

Choosing a sling or sling that allows for ventilation helps keep you and your baby cool and comfortable while wearing it.

Lightweight fabrics like 100 percent cotton and light linen keep you cool when you’re wearing them.


It’s just as vital to locate a sling that fits well on your body as it is to select clothes.

You should examine how well your child fits into your sling or profession in addition to your size. The majority of them have a weight limit.


Slings and wraps can appear frightening at first appearance, especially when compared to more structured baby carriers and backpacks. Slings and wraps are available in a variety of difficulties, some of which are simple to use.

You can carry your child more safely in a sling or wrap by selecting the kind that best suits your ability level.

Do You Need a Baby Wrap?

A wrap isn’t always necessary, but it’s one of the most popular items on the baby list parents’ wish list. Especially in the 4th trimester (3 months old), slings have many benefits for parents and babies.

Carrying your baby in a sling helps the baby to relax and fall asleep (and stay asleep), giving him the freedom to do other things with his hands.

How We Picked Our Top Picks

Thousands of genuine Babylist families were polled on their favorite baby goods. We combined their recommendations with our research and experience to bring you the finest baby wraps.

Super soft Favorite

Solly baby babylist x solly baby collaboration wrap carrier

Experts Opinion

It’s no wonder that sollyis one of the most popular wraps on the market. Some other wraps use heavier fabrics, which makes them ideal for cool conditions, but solly is made up of a thin piece of highly breathable modal fabric.

Not only is it very soft, but it also can be worn in any environment all year round without sweating.

The wrap is not bulky, easily fits in virtually any bag, and has a universal fit for people of all sizes. This pattern is unique to Babylist, but there are many other colors and designs to choose from.

Focused Things

Solly can only perform front and inward carry. In addition, the weight limit is 25 pounds, which is lower than many other laps.

What advice can you get from other parents?

“Easy to use and kids enjoy carrying around.” Watch the instructional video and practice a few times before trying to put your baby in. Practice with a teddy bear and make sure you know how to place your child in it. I thought it was easier to use than a stiff holder. Shelby

Extra Stretch:

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BobaBaby Wrap Carrier

Experts Opinion

Boba, like Solly, is a cloth tie used to tie a child to the torso in an inward, forward-looking position.

The main function here is fabric. Silky French terry with 5% spandex has a stretchy yet pleasant taste. Suitable for parents of different heights and babies weighing up to 35 pounds.

Focused Things

The flexibility of the sling is ideal for tying it tightly around you and your child, but some babylist parents say the sling can grow with the weight of a large baby.

Parents also argue that wraps are not suitable for hot climates, as thick fabrics increase the likelihood of overheating.

What advice can you get from other parents?

“My baby loves to be carried and sometimes sleeps for hours in this sling,” say Babylist’s parents. It was scary at first, but it was great to have Doula teach me how to wear it. YouTube videos also work! Try it! Don’t let it threaten you. Worth the effort! Kasha

Two Carry Positions

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MobyClassic Wrap Carrier

Experts Opinion

Like solly and Boba, Moby is made from a single long piece of soft, stretchy fabric. Unlike the other two wraps, there are two wearing options here.

It faces the inside and top of the waist. Moby fits people of all sizes and can be used for newborns weighing 8-35 pounds.

Focused Things

Due to the long fabric, it can be pulled to the floor and get dirty when worn in public. Parents also say that Moby’s heavier fabrics can make you and your baby hot and sticky, especially when it’s hot and humid outside.

What advice can you get from other parents?

“I use this every day.” I had to make a backup in case I spit or pee on what my baby had. He enjoys resting and being near me while I go shopping and doing household chores. “Bree

User Friendly + Five Carry Positions

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Baby K’Tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

Experts Opinion

K’Tan is great if you like sling ideas but are afraid of origami-like wrapping techniques. It consists of two fabric loops that are already sewn together to keep your child safe.

Pullover your head, hook one arm on each loop and place your child where the two loops intersect.

For added security, wrap the fabric sash around you and your baby and you’re ready to go. Another amazing feature of K’Tan is the five carry configurations, including front and back.

Focused Things

Unlike most slings, Baby K’Tan is available in standard sizes. No other maintainer can use it unless it is at the same height as you. If in the middle of size, the brand suggests reducing the size.

What advice can you get from other parents?

“It’s much easier to use and understand than traditional cloth wraps, but it has all the advantages of being extremely portable and lightweight!” Julia

Organic Option

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Stretchy baby wrap

Experts Opinion

Made of organic bamboo and cotton, this wrap is durable yet comfortable, wicks moisture, and is a great option all year round.

It is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. What are the benefits? All Happy Baby items are made in the USA and are sewn by housewives.

Focused Things

Try to watch the instructional video and practice the sessions of babywearing at your home first.

What advice can you get from other parents?

“I liked how light the Happy Wrap was in comparison to the Moby. It was still extremely durable and sturdy, but it fared considerably better in the scorching heat of Florida. After every wash, it was still as soft as the day we bought it!” –Brittany

Hybrid Option

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Boppy comfy fit Hybrid Baby Carrier

Experts Opinion

This hybrid option sits between a sling and a soft textured carrier and is suitable if you are looking for a carrier with a little extra support that is easier to put on and take off than a regular sling. ComfyFit is made of a lightweight silky fabric with a touch of spandex. Tighten the padded waist belt buckle, adjust the shoulder straps, place the baby on a soft-textured sheet, and wrap a cloth tail around the torso and back to tie it.

These are the three steps to getting your baby inside. With indoor and outdoor portability options, Comfy Fit can support up to £ 35.

Focused Things

The fit is not ideal and parents say it can be a bit uncomfortable, especially over the long term. The fabric straps on the back can be a hassle.

What advice can you get from other parents?

“I adore this bag!” The fabric is incredibly soft, lightweight, and has a beautiful color. The carrier is simple to put on and does not take much adjusting; therefore it is simple for my husband to do. The carrier contains little tags that inform you where to put your infant, which makes it very simple for individuals who aren’t used to carrying their children.” –Samor

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Is it safe to wrap a newborn in a swaddle?

Wraps can be used on newborns until the child is about 18 months old (as long as they meet weight requirements), but parents use them most often in the first few months.

Which is better: sling or baby wrap?

The sling grows with your child (up to about 35 pounds) with the option to distribute your child’s weight and make your carrier the most comfortable. The newborn sling works best in the cradle position, but the sling grows with the child (up to about35 pounds) because there is an option to distribute the child’s weight for the most comfort of the wearer.


If you’re looking for a baby wrap, start by asking your friends and local parent support organizations.

They could offer wraps you can try on with your baby before making a purchase (or even be willing to let you borrow one for a few months).

They can also be a terrific source of encouragement and direction as you learn how to wrap the cloth around yourself properly.

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