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Ziplines are an excellent technique to divert your children’s attention away from their screens. They get a sense of adventure, fresh air, and good exercise from this type of play. However, because zip lining is a potentially hazardous activity, you’ll want to select the best ziplines for kids to ensure their safety.

Best Ziplines for Kids
Best Ziplines for Kids


Where Can You Install a Kids Zipline?

To create a zipline, you need an open area between two healthy, solid trees with a diameter of 18 inches or more.


This area should be at least 7 feet apart on both sides so that nothing can hurt the child if he falls off the zipline.


If they break, you don’t want them to fall into the rocks of a decorative landscape.


The zipline in your garden does not require a slope. Instead, make one end of the zipline larger than the other.


The height difference is determined by the length of the zipline. There should be a 3 percent gradient along the entire zipline.


How to Choose the Best Ziplines for Kids?



Don’t rely solely on price to determine the quality of your zipline. Instead, check all the options in the price range and choose one considering the following features.




Measure the distance between the trees used as anchor points and adds the tree diameter to this measurement. Then buy a longer zipline. 


Please double-check the specifications as some zip lines are labeled with the available length and others are labeled with the full length. 


The two zip lines we saw were marked 70 feet. One was almost 90 feet long, taking into account the amount of cable wrapped around the tree.


The other was 70 feet long in total, and when both ends were wrapped around the anchor boom, it only spread to a 50-foot gap.




The powder-coated steel zipline lasts the longest. Other cables last for several years but can age or rust in excessively humid conditions.




You only need to buy a children’s zip line that meets US consumer safety standards. Always install and use the zip line according to the manufacturer’s instructions and inspect the zipline before use.


Don’t forget to have a specialist inspect the tree to which the zipline will be attached. A fatal accident occurred when a seemingly healthy tree fell while using a zipline.




Some ziplines require the child to hang on their own hands, without additional support. Ziplines with adjustable seats provide maximum comfort for your child. 


Ease of installation:


Installing the zipline requires at least two adults, which is more complicated than tying the ends of the zipline to a tree. If you have any doubts about installing zipline, consider having someone else install it.


Slackers 70 Foot Hawk Series Zipline:


Slackers 70-Foot Hawk Series Zipline is easy and easy to install and takes about 30 minutes to set up as long as two people work together. You will need pliers and a wrench.


The plastic seats are comfortable and easy to get on and off. The height of the seat can be easily adjusted. The cable has a spring that slows it down when the rider finally reaches it. If your kid all of sudden stop so no need to be panic.


The only downside we found was that the cable was 80 feet long and was stated on the package to span a 70-foot gap. Our cable was only 74 feet long, so this can be a problem if you need extra feet to wrap the tree.

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  • ·      The zipline comes with clear installation instructions. ·      Made of high-quality material. ·Includes spring brakes.
  • ·The cable is not the 80 feet listed on the box.


Jugader 160 Foot Zipline Kit:


This Jugader zipline has everything you need for a comprehensive installation. Includes tension wrench and cable tension set.


It even includes a soft tube that goes to the cable anchor point to protect your tree. There are a 160ft main cable and a 6½ft sling cable to go around the top boom.


The kit also includes spring brakes and all the hardware needed to set the zipline. The steel trolley can be removed from the rope without disassembling the entire zipline.


This allows you to easily remove the trolley and prevent unknowingly using the zipline. 


Another important safety feature is the adjustable strap included in the kit. This allows you to attach the rider to the trolley and prevent it from falling to the ground if you take your hand off the steering wheel or slip off the seat.

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  • ·      With seat belt. ·      Comes with a removable trolley. ·      Provides a tree protection function.
  • ·It may take longer than necessary.


American Ninja Warrior 50 Foot Zipline:


An official product approved by the American Ninja Warrior Show, this 50-foot zipline is on the short side. 


This is not a problem for young zip liners and beginners. But if you like American Ninja Warriors and you have kids who are already involved in this kind of activity and you have the space to build them, look for a longer zipline.


The zipline takes about 30 minutes to set up for two adults to work. However, it is important to read all the instructions before you start.


The instructions say that if you don’t want to continue reading, you’ll have to move the zip line down and start over. The 50 ft. reading is also deceptive.


This is a 45ft cable with a 5ft sling cable that wraps around a tree. This is something to be aware of when measuring distance.

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  • ·      American brand Ninja Warrior. ·      It exceeds US safety standards. ·It’s easy to set up.
  • ·      For a smooth setup process, you should first read all the instructions. ·The driveable line is 45 feet, not the full 50 feet.


Slackers 100 Foot LED Night Riderz:

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t have to stop. With proper adult supervision, children can continue to enjoy this zipline even after dusk.


Both the zipline trolley (the part that runs along the cable) and the seat have LEDs that are bright enough to see during the day, adding a fun accent when the light is low.


You can also turn off both the trolley and seat lights and use them like any other seat and trolley. The zipline comes with detailed instructions on assembly and use. Unlike some other ziplines, this Slackers kit also contains comprehensive safety precautions.


This guide describes how to inspect the zipline, what may indicate a safety issue, and instructions for the rider. The only problem seems to be that the spring brakes don’t provide a slow soft stop.

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  • ·      There are illuminated seats and trolleys. ·      Includes a comprehensive security guide. ·      Contains clear instructions.
  • ·Braking is pretty inefficient-it can use some improvements.


Joymor Backyard Zipline Kit:


This Joymor 200ft Zipline is perfect if you have a slope to install. If you want to attach a zipline to two trees on a flat surface, you need to make one end higher than the other to create a slope.


If the trees are far apart, the top should be about 3 feet higher than the bottom. This can make your starting point dangerously high for young children.


Another problem with this length of the zipline is that it takes a few people to help with the setup. For a team of two, it can take up to 4 hours or more.


Neither of these issues is specific to this brand’s zipline, both are related to riding length. But when deciding if this is a good zip line for you and your family, you should keep them in mind.


TheJoymor zipline is of high quality and includes a mounting wrench. Comes with a seat belt and harness.

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  • ·      Height adjustable seat. ·      Includes key tools. ·      With seat belt.
  • ·      Difficult to install. ·      A slope is required.


Slackers 40 Foot Falcon Series Zipline:


For small or less adventurous kids, Slackers’ Falcon zipline offers a slower and shorter ride quality. On the other hand, the trolley that slides along the cable is completely sealed to prevent the little finger from getting caught.


The plastic seat is height adjustable so your child doesn’t have to stretch too much until it reaches the handle of the trolley. It is primarily intended for young zip liners, so its short length allows it to be placed near the ground.


The cable is 50 feet long, leaving enough length to wrap the anchor point, leaving 40 feet long.


If you have 2 people and the kit includes all the hardware needed to set up the zipline, the installation time is about 30 minutes. However, you will need needle-nose pliers and a wrench.

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  • ·      Shorter length for a slower ride. ·      Surrounded the trolley to protect it from pinched fingers. Adjustable seat height.
  • ·      No brake.


CTSC 60 Foot Zipline Kit:


This essential zipline from CTSC is a decent choice assuming that you have a more limited distance between trees.


The zipline link is an entire 60 feet in length with an extra sling link of 7 feet to fold over your tree at the upper anchor point.


All of the fundamental equipment is incorporated, however, you will require a wrench and a couple of forceps for the establishment.

While this is a zipline of good quality, it is a somewhat fundamental pack. There is no seat included, so your kid will venture to every part of the zipline while clutching the handles and swinging from the streetcar.


This might be fine for more established youngsters and those with solid chest area strength, yet it isn’t reasonable for more youthful kids or the people who can relinquish the guiding wheel. You can buy the seat independently and interface it to the streetcar.

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  • ·      Great length Easy to introduce.
  • ·      Doesn’t accompany a seat. ·      No brake.


Safety Tips for Kids Ziplines:

The quality of your zipline is only part of the safety equation. To make it as safe as possible, here are some tips on zipline safety for kids.


Check the condition of the anchor boom before installing the zipline and at least once a month during use.


Before using the zipline, tie a string to an adult who is approaching the weight limit and does not move or loosen it. Check the zipline daily during use.


Make sure there are no signs of damage or wear on the cable, that the anchor points are firmly seated, that the handles are not loose, and that the seat is secure.


Walk the length of the zipline daily before use and make sure there are no obstacles or potential hazards within a 2-meter radius on either side of the line. We will teach all riders how to use the zipline properly.


Always grab and wait for the trolley to stop completely before lowering the zipline and reminding them not to play in the zipline area. Have your child wear appropriate safety equipment while using the zipline.


This includes at least a helmet, but knee and elbow pads and wrist guards are preferred. If you cannot monitor the use of the zipline, remove the trolley. This minimizes the risk of fraudulent games.




How would I pick a zipline?

Pick the link size and the length. All ziplines under 200 ft. can use the 1/4 link. Somewhere in the range of 200 and 500 a 5/16″ size would be utilized. For those more than 500 feet or business applications, we suggest the3/8 “link.


What amount does it cost to set up a zipline?

The most straightforward zipline lengths are around 60150 feet. The rating is up to £ 250. With the expansion of the send-off stage, the zipline ride is regularly $ 2,000-8,000, yet can be much higher assuming you want to move to more areas.


What occurs assuming that I stop by the line?

Ziplines with a bungee stopping mechanism have cushioned squares with a length of bungee line joined. This flexible rope moves with the rider until it’s fixed to the point of easing back the rider’s energy, then, at that point, withdraws the rider back to the lower part of the zipline.


How safe is the zipline? 

This depends on the height and length of the cable, the type of trolley, the riding equipment and braking system, and the driver’s experience. Although there is a risk of injury from high-speed outdoor activities, you can take precautions to minimize the risk, such as Check cables, anchors, and equipment frequently to make sure all riders follow the manufacturer’s recommended riding. 


Do riders need to wear a helmet? 

Helmets are suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels. The helmet not only protects you in the event of a fall but also prevents loose hair from getting caught in the trolley and other moving parts. 




The backyard zip line idea is fun. With proper installation and use, you can enjoy hours with your family. However, before committing, you should be aware of serious safety issues related to zip line installation, use, and maintenance.

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